I Did It!

Persistence promotes life to dreams, for it is the most essential rule on your commute to the next level.

-Lee’Cedric Leak


I’ve finally reached one of my most precious goals; not to mention my triumph was during my first Fathers Day!

I flew to Atlanta, GA over the Father’s Day weekend & I must say, it was even better than what I predicted. The entire experience was just insanely exciting for me because I had never flown before then.

My goal was to fly by aircraft for the first time ever, it didn’t really matter where, I just wanted to reach my destination by plane. This was a big deal for me because no one in my immediate family has ever flown before either, so I felt I had to  take the chance to break that insignificant cycle.

I never gave up on my goal of flying, & now I can say that I’ve accomplished one of my life goals & I’m still flooded with euphoria because of it!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your goals are to you, just make sure you NEVER GIVE UP ON THEM!


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